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For Sale?

LBA Technology AM antenna systems, RF
shielding, and test equipment

I am working on a project, as you might have guessed by the lack of posts.  It seems like a good opportunity to actually, you know; earn a living.  The thing is, I need some start-up capital.  Not a ton of money per se, but enough that I do not have it readily available, waiting to be spent.  Which brings me to this: I think this website is worth something.

I have put several years worth of work into this, as I have stated before, it is more a labor of love than anything else.  The sponsored ads simply cover the cost of hosting, domain name renewals, plus a little extra that perhaps I can take my family out to diner once a year or so.  I know I probably place its value at more than it is worth.  That being said, I went to one of those website valuation tools, which gave me a value of $6,600 based on traffic, domain name age and original content.  It did not take into account the extra domain names registered, etc.

So, here it is; is there anyone out there interested in buying this site?  Perhaps another contract engineer or engineering firm that is interested in a well seasoned domain name that gets 700 to 800 page views per day.  Or somebody else?

This is what is for sale:

  • engineeringradio.us (2009)
  • engineeringradio.com (2007)
  • engineeringradio.org (2010)
  • engineeringradio.net (2010)
  • engineeringradio.info (2010)

690 blog posts on various topics and over 1,000 original photographs.

Contact me off line, if you are interested.

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14 comments to For Sale?

  • BJ Mora

    Paul, I’ve really appreciated yours and others’ posts and viewpoints. What if you were able to raise that money yet keep the blog (which means writing like you do, once or twice a week)? Or I am aiming too high?

  • If you made this site a subscription based site to see older content, i’d surely subscribe to it. I’d hate to see you give it up like this.

  • pham giang

    Hope you will keep this page yourself and have time to post

  • Paul Thurst

    Thank you for encouragement, I know that there are many people that enjoy reading this blog. I thought about putting up a paywall a few years ago, but decided against it.

    The other issue I am confronted with now is time, or lack thereof, to create worthwhile content. When I got started with this thing, I told myself that I would not post just for the sake of posting. My overall goal was to choose subjects that would be interesting to other broadcast engineers or broadcasters in general. I believe that I have been fairly successful in this regard.

    As for the future, if no one makes an offer, then I will certainly keep the site running, there just may not be any new posts for long periods of time.

  • Quote: “The other issue I am confronted with now is time, or lack thereof, to create worthwhile content. ”

    As someone who runs another broadcast engineering oriented website, I can tell you from doing it for 12 years, this shouldn’t be something that concerns you. I recently went through the longest “dry spell” of new content on my site (last year when I was dating my ex… long story, the site became secondary to me), and when I came back, I found not only was the traffic fairly similar to the original traffic, I always found some new fresh traffic too. Don’t think that lack of any real fresh content due to time will drive people away. I assure you it won’t.

    Would you ever accept donations?

  • Bob M.

    Keep the site under your own wing. Post when you can, even about mundane things like tuning this or cleaning that. Try to keep it free. I used to enjoy reading Scott Fybush’s site but once he went for the money that put a quick end to it for me.

    Bob M. / Hamden, CT

  • “Went for the money? ” Really, “Bob M”? Do you have any idea how many hours of my life every week go into researching and fact-checking and writing my columns? Are you aware that since the end of 2011, I have had no other source of steady income? You might also like to know that for most of that time, the vast majority of my time aside from radio has been spent being a caregiver to a disabled spouse who’s been in and out of the hospital every few months, most recently for a six-week stretch?

    “Going for the money?” When I make every bit of 20 years’ work on the website available for 15 measly bucks a year? And when the Site of the Week profiles have continued to be available outside the paywall each Friday all along?

    “Going for the money?” Come see my 2003 Jetta with 138,000 miles on it, that I can’t even use to go travel and generate some fresh content because it has a bad tie rod that I can’t afford to get fixed right now.

    Quality content like Paul generates, and like I’ve put out there for 20 years and counting, does not materialize out of thin air. It comes from real people giving significant portions of their lives to make it happen.

    I wonder if you even realize just how insulting you’re being to me, and by extension to Paul, by effectively saying we should entertain you for free.

    I make no apologies for trying to scrape out the barest shred of a living from the writing I do..and I can tell you it’s barely a living at that. I’m sorry there are people like you who seem to think otherwise.

  • @Paul: I have to chime in and say I agree with the many. Your insight on all things engineering is wonderful and greatly appreciated by the technophiles like myself. I know with engineering the mom-n-pops and smaller stations I might never run into some of the situations you’ve run into and have brilliantly documented. Perhaps if you find some trusted allies you could have some other engineers offer guest posts as filler between your own.

    @Bob M: I’ve met Scott on a couple of occasions and I have to give him props for making it a go with his site. I know he could have picked a different avenue to earn a living where he would likely earn more but he chose to serve his readers. I know I had to make the choice to not sign up only because of income limitations, a car much older and road worn. If he can earn a decent living I say more power to him. In the current economic climate it’s tough when people have less disposable income.

    @Paul: Maybe you can find more engineering-type advertisers. Perhaps when vendors visit the local SBE chapter you might make mention of the site and have them see for themselves.

  • Paul Thurst

    As Scott and Mike alluded to, maintaining any type of dynamic website that creates original content is a lot of work. For me, it has been sort of a hobby. Thankfully, one that pays for itself because like Scott and so many other people in the business, I don’t have a lot of spare cash laying about.

    As for the future, I just don’t know. I will think on it some more.

  • In my case, my site is just TOO specialized to try and fund-raise to support it. I tried it once (mind you a long long time ago when I had no viewers), and it was a big fail, except for one kind soul, who I am sure you know Paul, but I won’t mention publicly.

  • Jim Linn


    I am another who hopes that you will continue this informative site. I know you are not in it for the money (neither is Scott for that matter) but do it out of the passion that is in your blood for our industry. If you can in anyway possible keep this going, for what it’s worth, I’d be very appreciative.


  • Elliot E

    I cast my vote Paul continuing to host this fantastic site.
    In fact, I hope all of you with engineering sites do the same,to the degree you can,wall or no wall.
    This is how I manage to stay in touch with my old engineering community and stay abreast of the many happenings from afar here in Europe.
    Mr.Fybush’s words are nothing short of a teachable moment for most of us,especially those without the perception to “get it” after his cordial attempt at explaining things over the years.We are not particularly privy to our hero’s personal life situations here in cyberspace.It’s fairly cheap to get an on line presence,the sky’s the limit on providing rich content in between working for a living.
    If you have a family,employed and chalenging life circumstances,try it,it’s a killer!
    Many thanks fellas, I for one appreciate your efforts.

  • mark schmucker

    Like everyone else I have enjoyed your post and hope you can keep it going. having worked with you at Pamal, I know I learned a lot that I have been to carry on with me.

  • Charles S

    While I certainly can’t demand you keep writing for free, I’ll state that I think you do a great job and that this blog is full of good general engineering thought.

    Take this as you will… I have a longtime fascination with radio, but am not at all in the business. By trade I’m a unix and network admin. I have literally read every post on this site. I can only imagine the people that actually work in broadcast engineering or are amateur radio folks find even more value than I do.

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