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Casey Kasem, R.I.P.

Casey Kasem has gone off to the big control room in the sky.  Wildly popular DJ, Scooby Do, something about American Top 40, bla, bla, bla.  Whenever I think of Casey Kasem, I think of this:

Get Don on the phone, and where are my pictures!

We have all worked with screaming DJ’s, almost nothing is worse than getting yelled at for something you have little or no control over.

Pro Tip:  If you feel you are about to go off on a tirade, turn the microphone off so it does not get up loaded to the internet and played back at your funeral.

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3 comments to Casey Kasem, R.I.P.

  • Valvashon

    Nice- thanks for sharing. If you’ve never heard the Negativland use of this in their remix/parody of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” it’s well worth the searching- it’s probably available all over the web but I know it’s on Negativland’s website. The chance that this is happened only once is low, so this tells me that it happened often enough that somebody finally got the bright idea to keep the mic hot. I had heard that this went out over the satellite feed before the show and that several engineers recorded and saved it. Casey would appear to be some very lazy talent, not involved in the show production at all and just breezing in to the studio to record his bits.

  • Paul Thurst

    My point exactly. I think this happened in the early or mid 1990’s, before the great consolidation and there are several versions of different length floating around. I have worked with some wonderful and talented people in my time. Then there were others that one might call talented, but were far from wonderful…

  • valvashon

    And just after leaving that comment I got in the car only to have Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! remind me that he was also known for his social justice activism- including calling attention to the needs of the homeless and campaigning to eliminate discrimination toward Arab-Americans. That said, the only time I ever fell asleep while working in a TV master control room was during his “America’s Top Ten” TV show in the mid 90’s. We thought so highly of that show that we put it on Sunday nights at 3:00 am, last show before we signed off for an hour and a half!

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