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Modern Art

After replacing a burned out FM antenna for one of our clients, the question became; what do we do with the old antenna?  There were several options:

  • Throw it behind the transmitter building and let weeds and poison ivy grow over it
  • Take it to the scrap yard to get what ever money we could for it
  • Give it away to somebody
  • Turn it into a fountain

I have scrapped these old antennas before, they are made mostly of hard yellow brass, which does not net too much at the scrap yard.  In fact, by the time I finished removing the Radomes and separating the metal, I had more time into the job than it was worth for both myself and the client.  Therefore, I present to you the ERI LPX lawn fountain:

ERI LPX2E Rototiller FM antenna used as a fountain

ERI LPX2E Rototiller FM antenna used as a fountain

Upon completion, my wife and daughter, who are natural born skeptics, even had kind words to say. It seemed like a simple project at first; enlarge the dry well for the basement sump pumps and install some type of mounting base for the old antenna. It turned into a little more than that.

Mounting base for ERI antenna fountain

Mounting base for ERI antenna fountain

It took several hours of backbreaking labor, a concrete form and a few bags of ready mix concrete to create the mounting base. Several wheelbarrow loads of gravel, some rocks from the old wall in the woods and a pond pump from the hardware store round out the installation.

ERI LPX2E Rototiller FM antenna fountain

ERI LPX2E Rototiller FM antenna fountain

I am not sure what else to say.

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9 comments to Modern Art

  • BJ Mora

    Impressive. Though I’m sure now there is a way to turn the working fountain back into the most awesome outdoor FM antenna in the neighborhood.

  • Very cool. One guy where I worked took home one of the small satellite antennas we were getting rid of and made a bird bath out of it.

  • Don Daso

    Buzzword of today: REPURPOSING

    And ya get my vote, indeed impressive!

    Now, let’s continue the lookout for HV XMFRs…

    73 za

  • Kent Teffeteller

    A most nice Fountain and the only garden fountain ever proofed on a ERI Tower Range. It’s pattern is highly accurate. And no one else owns one.

  • Allen Sherrill

    Very nice! I had a tower fall several weeks ago and several bays worth of Shively antenna are now scattered on the ground…now I have a plan for them.

    I have a couple of old incandescent beacon fixtures that have seen various use as lawn ornaments or planters. Gonna put some lamps in one and see if I can get it to flash again…

  • Tim Wagner

    Can you imagine a broadcast engineer driving down the street and catching that out of the corner of his/her eye?

  • Tom Osenkowsky

    While I can appreciate the effort put into making this antenna site visually appealing thus calming NIMBY neighbors I must point out that which are lacking: A fence at the appropriate distance to comply with uncontrolled RFR limits and proper signage. Given the unusual mounting I strongly suggest measurements conducted by an experienced, knowledgeable party with proper instrumentation. 🙂

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