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Lack of posts and excuses for which

All apologies, yet again. I find myself deeply immersed in a final project for school. As this is the final final project, graduation looms in May, I want to get the best possible grade.  None the less, there are things going on, so here is a brief rundown:

  • The NAB came and went, no earth shattering news from there.
  • John Anderson has an interesting post about the recent pirate radio broadcasting busts in the NYC: Pirate Raids offer glimpse into FCC Fieldwork.  Included in that article are the links to the US Attorney’s office seizure complaints, which give an interesting look into methods used by the FCC.
  • Some person climbed to the top then jumped off of the WWZY tower in Long Branch, NJ in an apparent suicide.  There is a cellphone video posted on youtube, viewer discretion is advised, obviously.
  • North Adams tower collapse update: The site cleanup has not taken place yet, however, a temporary pole has been set for WUPE-FM and WNNI to use for their antennas.  More on that when I get a chance.
  • Comcast and Time Warner Cable are looking to merge.  Tom Wheeler, member of the “Cable Television Hall of Fame,” is chairman of the FCC.  I wonder how this will work out.  As for the customer, it has been said that rates will inevitably go up.

I will get back to more regular posting when I finish this final final project. In any case, the semester ends on May 6th and graduation will be on May 16th. I have to say, I am looking forward to it for a number of reasons.

Regarding the blog, there have been several intermittent minor outages due to DDOS attacks.  I have tracked this down to certain bot nets in China banging away at the backend.  Oh, China; what have I ever done to you?  Well, security is being tightened up and as soon as I get things straightened out with the server host, I will be enabling SSL on the front end.  That means secure connections via https, which is the way of the future.

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2 comments to Lack of posts and excuses for which

  • Bob M.

    Good luck with your last classes and graduation. Will this be the end of your full-time schooling or do you plan to keep going until you reach the top?

    Comcast merging with TWC is a polite way of saying they’re buying them out and will dismiss most of the TWC people.

    There are some things you can do to protect your web site, but not necessarily your hardware, from Chinese incursion, such as blocking most of their IP addresses. It reduces things but doesn’t help if they go through another country.

  • The story about that poor soul who climbed WWZY , he’s was a rigger by profession, who recently lost his kids in a custody dispute.

    Looking forward to your pictures with the 100.1 site.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Paul.

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