February 2014
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Hello, Radiodiscussions.com

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that after a two month sabbatical, Radiodiscussions.com has returned with an updated look and all of it’s archived posts intact.

Radiodiscussions.com screen shot

Radiodiscussions.com screen shot

I am pleased that the current owners had a change of heart.  Radiodiscussions.com was not perfect, however, it was a good place to gain insight, take part in conversations, read up on rumours and innuendo, follow the flame wars on various threads, etc.  In other words, observe radio people in their natural habitat.

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3 comments to Hello, Radiodiscussions.com

  • I mentioned elsewhere that the current operator of RadioDiscussions showed their cards by pulling the site down aburptly with ZERO NOTICE to its users. This lack of regard has already burned many now-former users of the site, pushing them to find new homes.

    Lance Venta, one of the original founders of the board formerly known as Radio-Info, along with assistance from NERW’s Scott Fybush operate the very successful RadioInsight Communityforums where many of the displaced RD crowd now call home.

    Likewise, the engineering crowd have pretty much migrated over to broadcast engineer Chris Tarr’s The Virtual Engineer Broadcast Engineering forums.

    I don’t think I’m the only one who is apprehensive about returning to RadioDiscussions due to the actions which had taken place. Many of us view the current operation as likely disappearing once again if the operator once again gets their shorts in a knot.

  • Paul Thurst

    Bill, I do not disagree with anything you said. Since I posted about the forum going away, I thought it would be good to post about it returning. As for the future, who knows?

  • Remember Usenet?

    When you *couldn’t* do that?

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