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And… Writer’s block

It seems I am having trouble coming up with topics these days. It happens to everyone, or so I am told.  There are several excuses that I could throw at you; I am very busy with school work, I am also very busy with field work, and a certain weariness that comes with that.  It is also partially a feeling that I have done all this before and there is nothing new to impart. Nothing new under the sun these days, or so it seems.  I could rehash some worthwhile old topics, but alas; there is this issue with motivation or the lack thereof.

In the mean time, feel free to browse through any of the previous 620 or so posts.  I be back in a few…

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4 comments to And… Writer’s block

  • John Hampton

    The thing that your blog shares with many others I read is:

    You don’t write unless you have something to say.

    Just wait, passion will overcome you, there will be another post.

    Don’t think about it. It just happens.


  • Christopher Wilkes

    Best way to get axed from my RSS feed is to post rubbish for the sake of posting.

    Quality over quantity if valid for Broadcast of any type.

  • Andy Soule

    I very much appreciate what you do put up. If you are ever looking for topics, I’m sure the readers can provide plenty of ideas.

  • Hi Paul –

    Just stumbled across your blog an hour ago and haven’t had the time to go back among your entries to know whether this topic has been previously covered.

    But how about a little treatise on Broadcast Audio Processors. I’ve been doing some research on them lately and have concluded that each manufacturer seems to have a different approach insofar as 1) “density” (aka. compression, I think). 2) Asymmetric modulation (some pass it through while others eschew it with ‘phase scramblers’. 3) “distortion-free clipping” – an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. etc, etc.

    I’d love to get your take on this stuff….

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