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WDST, Woodstock, New York

WDST is a well known radio station in Woodstock, NY. Formatically, I would call it Adult Album Alternative (AAA) and it is one of my favorite stations to listen to. We also do the engineering work for this station.  While I was there last week, I snapped a few pictures of the studios:

WDST air studio, Woodstock, NY

WDST air studio, Woodstock, NY

All of the studio use Audioarts R-60 consoles, which are in good condition considering their age.  Lots of guest microphones and the windows look out into a performance venue.

WDST music library, located in hallway outside of studio

WDST music library, located in hallway outside of studio

The music library is extensive.

WDST main production room

WDST main production room

The production room, another R-60 console. I don’t know where the microphone disappeared to, perhaps it was borrowed by the morning show.

WDST technical operation center

WDST technical operation center

Technical Operation Center (TOC). WDST uses NextGen from RCS for music storage, playback and automation.  Other equipment includes ISDN, POTS phone, Distribution Amps, Limiters, streaming computer, STL, etc.

WDST transmitter, Broadcast Electronics FM5C

WDST transmitter, Broadcast Electronics FM5C

The transmitter site is on Hallihan hill, across the street from the old ATT long lines site. The station uses a Broadcast Electronics FM5C transmitter.

WDST forward power meter

WDST forward power meter

Forward power, almost five whole kilowatts of flame throwing power.

WDST antenna, Hallihan Hill, Kingston, NY

WDST antenna, Hallihan Hill, Kingston, NY

The antenna is a Shively 6810 2 bay half wave spaced.

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4 comments to WDST, Woodstock, New York

  • David

    Very nice, neat looking station. I appreciate you sharing it with us Paul!

  • Nick Straka

    Okay, you got me on this one… I see a composite STL, but no audio processor other than the Compellor and the Behringer under the ISDN gear.

    Scratching my head… is it some form of software running on that small PC below the Moseley?

  • Paul Thurst

    Kind of a mystery, isn’t it Nick?

  • Kris KE4AHR

    How does the half-wave spacing coverage/plot/etc. differ from 3/4 or 1 wavelength spacing?

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