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Dude, ur phone!

About a month ago, I dropped my phone on my way out of class, this is the result:

Droid HTC incredible with a little bit of wear

HTC Droid Incredible with a little bit of wear

Now, that looks bad, I’ll admit, but the phone works just fine. It is my three year old HTC Droid Incredible and I have just customized it just the way I like. I was going to replace the front touch screen but after reviewing several youtube videos, that process looks like a right pain.

Unfortunately, every time I take it out of my pocket somebody invariably says: “Oh my God, what happened to your phone?”  My strategy of late is to grab the phone and say “WHAT! WHAT!” while turning it over frantically to find some critical flaw, then look questioningly at the person.

Most often, the other person will look at me and figure out that I am messing with them.  Some do not.

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3 comments to Dude, ur phone!

  • Erik Bagby

    Screen/digitizer replacement is a black art. Many can do it, few can do it right. My advice, if you are like me- and don’t change out phones every 5 weeks, go on Craigslist/Ebay and find the same model for a song. Just make sure (especially with CMDA carriers like Verizon and Sprint) that the IMEI/ESN is clear for activation on your carrier. If the seller won’t give it up, pass.

    I’m on my second Iphone 4S on my Verizon account. I am going to make it last. I will *NOT* be forced into one of their new RAPE off “share everything” plans which START at $90 a month not INCLUDING the data package, which is NOT unlimited (what I have now). My first one lasted over a year before suffering a worse fate than your Droid. It wound up being run over by a fire truck. (Long story)
    I bought 4S number two from a nice lady off Craigslist for $125. It was in mint shape and she only used it for 5 months.

    Is it just me or is Verizon discriminating against single people? $90 plus $30-50 for a data add on (which you *MUST* buy) is an outright RIPOFF. And this doesn’t include the taxes and junk fees the cartels now add to puff up our bills.

  • Alan Peterson

    That’s actually supposed to be a kinda “cool” thing with youth down in DC. New modern phone with a cracked screen is the new torn blue jeans.

    This pretty much says it all:

  • FWIW, my Evo is now 2 years old, has been in a Seidio extended rugged case since the minute (literally) that I bought it, has been dropped about a dozen times, and has *one* 5-mm scratch on the screen, light enough that it can only be seen with the screen off.

    The case really matters a *lot*; nearly everyone I know who is willing to trade off the rugged case for a thin phone has eaten a screen. Or two.

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