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The Nautel NV-5 Transmitter

We are currently installing this sweet little transmitter:

Nautel NV-5 FM transmitter

Nautel NV-5 FM transmitter

Like its big brother, the NV-40 at WVPS, the NV-5 is a very cool transmitter.  I am a born sceptic, things like a touch screen displays tend to make me a little nervous, especially on a transmitter connected to a 350 feet tall steel tower right next to the transmitter building.  That is the one major difference between WVPS and this site; at Mount Mansfield there are many things between the transmitter and antenna, this place, not so much.  Even so,  Nautel makes a good product, so troubles are not expected.

The ground strap, AC power, remote control and composite audio connections were all made with out difficulty.  Result, new transmitter on the air:

Nautel NV-5 FM transmitter GUI

Nautel NV-5 FM transmitter GUI

This unit is analog only, but the information on the spectral display is still useful.  The GUI uses Linux with a touch screen, which is a neat feature.

Nautel NV-5 FM transmitter controller board

Nautel NV-5 FM transmitter controller board

In case the front panel GUI goes out, all transmitter controls can be accessed via push buttons on the remote control interface, which is the small board to the right.  The main controller board is on the left.

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7 comments to The Nautel NV-5 Transmitter

  • Bob M.

    Almost looks like a Harris DAX1 control board, except Nautel did it right and has all the connectors around the edge where you can actually plug stuff into them. On the DAX, some connectors stick straight out from the board and if you utilize them you can’t put the front cover back on.

    I like all those “local” buttons and indicators right there on the remote control interface. And of course the wiring job is top-rate.

  • Paul Thurst

    My experience with the DAX-1 is limited. I looked at one on the shop floor when Pete was fixing it, although your description of the control board connectors is typically Harris.

  • Had several DAX transmitters which sound goood but not quite as good as the side by side comparison to the SX series they replaced. Bob you are singing my song and the cost of replacing that board is frightening, in a few years the DAX series will be keeping all the SX transmitters company at the dump. Will take the Gates series or a BE simple and not overbuilt.

    The Nautel looks very nice but the price must be outrageous like all the premimum appliances people are buying. I have a buddy in the appliance service business who
    laughs at people buying all the unecessary overdesigned bells and whistles that cause nothing but problems and make him rich. A transmitter like a washer and dryer has one function and one function only…. to stay on the air with no unnecessary complications

    I remember when Harris put digital control in the FM-25-K and SX series, never a problem with the transmitter itself just the unnecessary overdesigned and overbuilt crap causing a problem.

  • So the old McMartin bit the dust finally?

  • Paul Thurst

    @Mike, yes, the McMartin is gone to the great transmitter room in the sky.
    @Chris, I have maintained several SX series transmitters. The transmitter section itself is not bad, but the controller leaves something to be desired. The newer Gates series transmitters (SX without the digital controller) are better. I also have several BE AM transmitters which run great. The buttons on the front panel fail after a few years, which is a pain, but I have never had one go off the air because of it. The Nautel J series AM transmitters a price competitive with the BE product.

  • Scott Cason

    Installed an NV10 in Lexington Kentucky a couple years ago. It was total plug and play. Plug it in and turn it on. The ethernet interface is neat since I can see what it’s doing anywhere I have network access. Not a moment’s problem with it. Planning on installing three more NVs in Louisville hopefully the first of next year. Nautel will put Harris out of business much like Walmart put TG&Y out.

  • CFTA 107.9 in Amherst NS signed on with a Nautel NV 3.5 in July 2011. It has been on the air continuously for almost five years. The installation was easy, and it sounds great. We are using a Marti composite STL. CFTA is 6.5 kW ERP, with a 4-bay Nicom antenna, which means the NV 3.5 only needs to put out 2 kW, about half its rated power. One reason we chose a Nautel is that the plant in Hackett’s Cove NS is only 2 1/2 hours away. I had previous experience with a Nautel Ampfet-1 AM transmitter at another station, which was a factor in recommending the NV 3.5.

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