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EAS CAP deadline approaching, some things to keep in mind

There is something like two weeks left until the deadline for installing CAP compliant EAS equipment.  No, this time they really mean it!


I have installed a few of the new SAGE ENDEC boxes at various clients. They do have one common problem; audio input levels. The newer blue faced SAGE units are much more sensitive than the older units. The existing audio input levels connected to older EAS units need to be adjusted downward nearly 100% of the time.  SAGE Alerting Systems has a bulletin about it: SAGE Alerting Systems Audio Levels.

In addition to that, SAGE Alerting Systems has released CAP compliant firmware, available at: Updates for digital SAGE ENDEC


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4 comments to EAS CAP deadline approaching, some things to keep in mind

  • Dave Mike

    Where can I find out what CAP server I can use?

  • Paul Thurst

    I believe the SAGE update has it built into it. There was a link on their page before, but I don’t see it anymore. Each state should have a CAP server and then there is the federal government IPAWS server which is this one; https://apps.fema.gov/

    Good luck!

  • Bob M.

    I just read Sage’s Audio Levels advisory. With all the problems their unit and firmware seems to be having, I probably wouldn’t buy their product. Let’s see:

    1. If the audio output level is too high, it will get back into the box’s audio input and cause a 20 second delayed echo effect. Great design guys. Ever hear of shielding and proper foil routing?

    2. While you’re navigating the menu system trying to figure out how to send a test message, and it takes more than 10 seconds to do that, the box will reboot because the menu system isn’t at the top-most level. I can see it going back to the top-most level, which would be annoying to say the least, but is a reboot really necessary? What if the box was actively receiving or sending a message at the time? Will it just reboot and leave things in limbo? The idea is sound but the implementation is flawed.

    3. All the other issues they’ve identified and noted “will be fixed in a future release” don’t give me a real warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    It seems that a piece of equipment that can take your station audio off the air when the slightest thing goes wrong, really needs to be checked 101% thoroughly and it should be foolproof to the point that any failure takes the unit out of the circuit.

  • Paul Thurst

    And it is expensive…

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