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The Telos NX-12 Talkshow phone system

I have worked with my Telos telephone interfaces in various studios. They are well designed and intuitively designed pieces of equipment. The Telos NX-12 is no different.  The first thing different about this telephone system is the web interface.  I have commented before on this; eventually all broadcast equipment will have some type of http interface.  For configuration and monitoring, it makes life much simpler.

Telos’ NX-12 web interface allows the users to define phone lines, call directors and studios:

Telos NX-12 http interface

Telos NX-12 http interface

The NX-12 itself is just a box residing in the rack room.  This is where all of the pots lines or the PRI-ISDN line is installed, firewire, network interface, etc.

The studio end is the call director, which is connected to the NX-12 by a cat 5 cable.  There can be up to four call directors per NX-12.

The nice thing about the NX-12 is that the hybrid can be split into completely separate units, thus one NX-12 can be used for two separate stations, each with up to six lines.  Splitting the hybrid thus requires the use of Firewire or the unit must have an AES card.

This particular unit was installed at WFAS-AM/FM in White Plains, NY.


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