Harris exits the broadcast industry

When they sold their Broadcast Equipment supply division to SCMS a few years ago, the handwriting was on the wall. Even so, it is a little surprising that they would exit broadcasting altogether.

The decision to divest in no way reflects the quality of the work Broadcast Communications performed in support of our customers and our company.  Harris simply determined that Broadcast Communications could provide higher value and operate more effectively under a different ownership model.

They are spinning the broadcast division off to a new owner rather than completely shutting down the operation.  In an e-mail received from Harris Morris, President, Broadcast Communications Division, clients and customers will still receive support for existing products:

In the interim, Broadcast Communications will continue to be a part of Harris Corporation and operate business as usual. Our valued relationships, both longstanding and new, remain our top priority. The global Broadcast Communications team will continue to work diligently to ensure our commitment to our customers and partners remains steadfast, our execution to fulfill commitments is flawless, and our progress against strategic objectives remains focused.

Well, there you have it.  This effects such things as Harris transmitters (AM, FM, TV, HF) and support, Harris consoles and studio furniture (previously Pacific Recorders and Engineering or Pacific Research and Engineering, AKA PR&E), Intraplex STL systems, among others.

What does all this say about the future of terrestrial broadcasting?

We live in interesting times.