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More radio apps, then I'll leave this alone

Since I posted about Andoid phone apps for engineers last February, I noticed several others have picked up the thread and published articles as well. Good for you! I am glad that we can be of assistance here at Engineering Radio.

Radio World had a good article back in July on this subject.  I’m not going to link to it, just because.  I figured I’d add a few others that didn’t make the grade last go around, either because they didn’t exist, or I didn’t know about them.  I am limiting my choices to free apps for Android phones.

  1. Router passwords.  Often, very often in fact, the default password on any given router does not get changed when it is installed.  I found this app to be accurate and useful for speeding up various router tasks required in day to day radio engineering.  Things like opening ports for VNC, routing outside IP addresses to internal ones, etc.
  2. Navaile Electrical Calculator.  Great for National Electrical Code questions, wire sizes, breaker sizes, box fill, conduit fill, voltage drop, etc.
  3. RF & Microwave tool box.  Has handy calculators for filters, mismatch, return loss, etc, just in case those things need to be done by hand.
  4. GPS test.  Shows available GPS signals, gives time, location and accuracy in WGS84 datum.
  5. Shortwave Schedules.  Data base of shortwave schedules searchable by station, time, and frequency.
  6. Note pad.  Just what it says.
There are several other good ones, but these are the ones that I tend to use most often.
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