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Corporate controlled media?

I don’t know, what do you think (starts about 1:10)?

It is utterly amazing that all those news copy writers came up with the same story lead in, across multiple networks and cities.  This is one of those canned news items that stations pick up when they don’t have other news to fill a segment.  Seems to be a slow news day.

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7 comments to Corporate Controlled Media?

  • Lee Rust

    Resistance is futile..

  • Paul Thurst

    I should download that video and dub all those talking heads into one clip

  • Erik Bagby

    and yet I have an ultra “conservative” friend who swears everything Glen Beck says is true. When confronted with the mere idea that he, like all others in the biz, are nothing more than paid entertainers- he agrees, but goes silent when I say this:

    “well who do you think is signing their payroll checks?”

  • Paul Thurst

    Very very few talk radio hosts venture off the reservation these days, they know which side of the bread is buttered. I can basically sum up the conservative radio talking points in three words: “Obama, very bad!” For that bit of wonderful insight, they get paid millions of dollars. Nice work if you can get it.

  • Gary

    I can basically sum up the conservative radio talking points in three words: “Obama, very bad!”

    That is perhaps the most concise summing up of any group / movement / collection of people ever. And it was funny, to boot.
    Now, how am I going to get this Mt. Dew off of my keyboard?

  • Paul Thurst

    I will have to put a disclaimer about simultaneously reading the blog and drinking.

  • This is corporate controlled media. It’s lazy local news departments who rip and read, or, nowadays, just use the AP-provided intro copy that is cut/pasted into their AVID iNews prompter system.

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