September 2011
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Northeast Radio Watch to erect the Wall of Pay

Scott Fybush, long time on line radio enthusiast and general radio documenter has thrown up the flag and declared the age of free online radio information is over, at least in the Northeast.  This is both understandable and unfortunate at the same time.

I understand the need to make some revenue off of this (or any) on line endeavor.  It is extremely difficult to monetize this type of work and two years into my own effort, I am struggling with my own business model.  I manage to make enough money to cover actual expenses associated with this web site with a little extra to cover the administrative duties of blogging.  The creative effort is done for free.  I can’t really imagine anyone one would want to pay for some fairly mundane thoughts and opinions of a Broadcast Engineer.

While this blog is only a small part of my time and a very small part of my family income, I believe Scott’s situation is a bit different.  In the past, I have opted not to pay for access to things online, but I think this is a bit different.  I’d like to see Scott make a go of it and be successful. I’d surely miss not reading NERW every Monday morning or thereabouts.  So, I ordered a one year subscription and the tower calender.  I am willing to give it a shot and I hope that enough other people do too.


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~1st amendment to the United States Constitution

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~Benjamin Franklin

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~Alan Weiner

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