June 2011
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Engineering Radio is Two Years Old

Happy birthday to us! I was looking through the past posts of this blog and found much of it still relevant today. There were some older video posts where the videos are no longer available on youtube, those were deleted.

I continue to look for subjects to blog about while keeping the subject matter pertinent to broadcast engineering or some aspect of radio in general.  With so many things going on, this can be hard to do.

Here are a few stats:

  • Average daily page views: 400
  • Average unique visitors, daily: 240
  • Average returning visitors, daily: 37
  • RSS subscribers: 73
  • Total posts: 323
  • Total comments: 911
  • Total $pam comments: 52,403
  • Average number of comments per post: 2.8
  • Average number of $pam comments per post: 162

Which brings me to this; I use an aggressive $pam filter.  There is no way that I would be able to keep up with the number of junk comments received otherwise.  If you have posted a legitimate comment and it doesn’t show up after a period of time, e-mail me and I’ll look into it.  Chances are very good that some legitimate comments have been deleted by the $pam filter, for which I apologize.

Many of my unique visitors come from Google searches which is strange considering it’s page rank is 0/10.

I continue to enjoy blogging about the everyday life of a broadcast engineer and thank all of my readers and subscribers for their interest.  It is entertaining and enlightening to read all of your comments and e-mails.  For as long as there is interest, the writing project will proceed.


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9 comments to Engineering Radio is Two Years Old

  • Thank you for the great blog! Congrats on 2 years.

  • Happy Blog Day!

    More than half of the time I don’t know precisely what the hell you’re talking about, but I generally can follow the gist of it.

  • Paul Thurst

    Thanks! @spin, that’s okay, half the time I don’t know what I’m talking about either 😉

  • Gary

    Happy blog daaaaay to youuuuuu!
    Happy blog daaaaay to youuuuuu!
    Happy bloooooog day, dear Pauuuuuuuul!
    Happy blog daaaaay tooooooooooo youuuuuuuuu!

    Congrats, Paul!

  • Paul Thurst

    Thanks, Gary!

  • Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

  • Cngrats, I found this blog about a year and a bit ago after visiting a local transmitter (CBUT) for a tour. Keep it up!

  • Lee Rust

    Nice work on this site, Paul. Are you doing the design and graphics too? The whole thing has a very clean look. All the photos are very good, with interesting compositions and effective lighting. I especially like the rotating header illustrations.

  • Paul Thurst

    Thanks, Lee. I’d like to think that I am some kind of programming genius, but no; the site template was made by somebody else. The pictures, including the rotating header pictures, are mine unless otherwise noted. Most of them were taken with my HTC android phone. They get run through Photoshop for cropping and sometimes light level adjustments.

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