June 2011
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WICC WEBE damaged tower removal

Damaged in last year’s F1 tornado, this thirty foot Rohn 25-G tower needed to be removed from the roof. It actually went faster than I though it would, the worst part being moving the 4 foot tower sections down to the salvage truck via elevator. Naturally, the day we choose to do this is the same day that one of the two elevators servicing the seventh floor is out of order.

Damaged Rohn 25G STL tower on roof of studio

Damaged Rohn 25G STL tower on roof of studio

This was the same tornado that picked up a twenty ton roof top air conditioner and deposited it in the parking lot.  Luck would have it that no one was killed or injured.

Rohn 25G buckled tower section

Rohn 25G buckled tower section

Using a circular saw with a metal blade, a sawsall and a hand grinder, the tower was cut up into four foot sections.   The sections, brackets and tower base were taken to the scrap yard and disposed of.

Tower and transmission lines

Tower and transmission lines ready to be removed from roof

There were several lengths of unused 7/8 inch foam coax, broken antennas, RG-59- RG-58, RG-6, rotor cable, etc that we cleaned off of the roof and tower.

The after picture

The after picture

A good little project to have completed.

The studio build out for WEBE is also nearly done.  August will mark one year of our company’s involvement at WICC/WEBE.  I was looking around today and comparing the difference between when we started to now.  Many things have been done.


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