June 2011
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Nice work, if you can get it

I have been to many, many transmitter sites.  They range from mountain top sites in NY and VT to flat fields with tall towers in Florida to coastal or wetlands AM sites.   One site in Massachusetts was located in a state part near Westover AFB.  It was formerly the microwave relay site for the Northeast Command and Control bunker, now reused as an FM site for WRNX, Amherst.   Access to that site required walking about a mile and a half on a hiking trail, often carrying things like a shop vac, garbage bags or other stuff.  Walking in the woods carrying a shop vac will get you some funny looks by fellow hikers.

Yesterday was my Bridgeport, CT day and I took the time to head out to the WICC transmitter site.  There are two ways to get there, one can call the Bridgeport harbor master or harbor police and catch a ride via boat, which is fun.  Or one can walk down the beach from the long beach parking lot.  If it is not an emergency or a night time access, I like to walk down the beach.  It is about one mile either way.  I normally bring my back pack with some basic tools, water and a sandwich.

WICC towers in the distance

WICC towers in the distance

I have been working with another engineer who complains about this.

Pleasure beach former cottage area

Pleasure beach former cottage area

Now that the cottages are gone, it is a very pleasant walk.

Osprey on WICC north tower

Osprey on WICC north tower

This Osprey apparently didn’t get the memo:  Radio towers are the arch enemy of birds, actually sitting on one and using it as a good place to scout for lunch is akin to sleeping with the enemy.

United Illuminating pole mounted circuit breakers

United Illuminating pole mounted circuit breaker

Circuit breakers on new three phase power circuit installed by United Illuminating last fall.

I wouldn’t want to hike down this strand of beach at night or in a thunderstorm, but on a nice day, it is a pleasant stroll.  There are far worse transmitter site access problems.  It is a pain if any equipment needs to be taken in or out, that requires some special equipment.


A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. The engineer sees the glass as twice the size it needs to be.

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~1st amendment to the United States Constitution

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~Benjamin Franklin

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~Rudyard Kipling

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~Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, Article 19

...radio was discovered, and not invented, and that these frequencies and principles were always in existence long before man was aware of them. Therefore, no one owns them. They are there as free as sunlight, which is a higher frequency form of the same energy.
~Alan Weiner

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