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The Otari MTR10

I have come upon two of these units in very good shape:

Otari MTR10 1/4 inch 2 track reel to reel machine

Otari MTR10 1/4 inch 2 track reel to reel machine

Once upon a time, these were top of the line units.  I don’t know how much they cost new, but I’d imagine it is somewhere north of $3K in 1985.

Both machines work mechanically and electrically.  One machine has some slight grooves in the record and playback heads and looks a little more worn.    The other does not.  I will entertain all offers.   If a person would want the machine to be gone through and aligned, I’d charge three to four hundred dollars for my time.

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5 comments to The Otari MTR10

  • J. Aegerter

    They were pretty good machines although pricey. Personally, I like the MCI machines better.

  • Paul Thurst

    The MCIs were good machines, it became hard to get parts for them once MCI went out of business. Sony bought out the MCI line supported them, but they were less than enthusiastic about it.

  • Dave Meinhardt

    I cut miles of tape on these machines. Great for editing. Super smooth operation. You could “rock the reels” using only one of the reels. Thanks for the memories

  • Paul Thurst

    Dave, I remember watching the production director at WFLY edit on an MX5050. It really was an art form.

  • Kent Teffeteller

    I remember the MTR 10. Lusted after them in the studio. Budget was a bit low, so we got MX 5050 B II machines. Even still use one at home.

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