Local Community Radio Act becomes law

The President has signed the reconciled bill into law, it will be published to the national register.  FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski promises “swift action” to get the new rules in place.   If this law leads to a bunch of new, live local community radio stations springing up across the country then it is a welcome thing.  With all the rumbling in congress about cutting public radio funding, LPFM may have some big shoes to fill.  I have to admit, I am generally a supporter of public radio, however they have gotten off track (full of themselves) in the last few years.

There are many different requirements placed on the FCC by the LCRA to thread the LPFM needle around translators and full power FM stations, so it may take a little time to craft new LPFM rules, however, I’d expect to see a filing window sometime in 2011.

If you are considering a LPFM station and are eligible for a license, take a peak at Prometheus Radio Project, which has a wealth of information about LPFM station building.

If you need a good engineer to file paperwork, specify equipment, consult about transmitter locations, towers, antennas and so forth, drop me a line.  You can find my info and contact information in the About section.