December 2010
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Merry Christmas, et. al.

I have looked at my personal schedule, it is likely to be very light blog posting over the holidays as I am booked, booked solid I tell you.  So, if I don’t get to say it, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Festivus, Happy Saturn Festival, Happy Druid dirt munching dancing naked under a full moon, or whatever it is you celebrate.

For my part, it has been an interesting year.  It started out a little trepidus, what with my full time job being eliminated in January.  I was fortunate to be re-employed part-time right away, many don’t get that luxury.  Then, my wife returned to teaching full time, which made me, by necessity, a stay at home dad four days a week.  There have been many changes, but in the end, everything has worked out rather well.

While at home, I have worked on the blog and other ways to earn a little extra money.  I can say that I am genuinely surprised by the reception this blog gets, both in the comments and off line e-mails and phone calls.  I have enjoyed interacting with other industry professionals and bystanders, and although I might not agree with everyone on every point, I respect you all and value your input.  I have found that while my engineering work hours are reduced, the amount of raw material for blogging is also reduced.  I have also found that 14-15 posts per month is the right balance between quantity and quality, with the later being foremost importance.  For as long as I have quality raw material to work with, I will endeavor to write about, take pictures of, and research issues that involve radio broadcasting.

Next year will undoubtedly bring about more changes.  I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you all well over the holidays and on into the New Year.


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