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HD Radio equipment, on trade

It has been about a month now, has anyone taken them up on this:

iBiquity Digital and Citadel Media announced a partnership which will enable stations to upgrade to digital while avoiding cash expenditure. Stations will have the opportunity to provide on-air inventory to Citadel Media in exchange for the HD Radio license fee and equipment supplied by Broadcast Electronics, Continental, Harris and Nautel.

I was sure that my former employer, now that I have left the company, would at least look into this.  I know there are many other frugal like minded companies out there that look at trade as being “free.”  Anytime I had a building project, like paving the parking lot or replacing the roof membrane, the first question asked was “Can we trade it?”  I hated dealing with trade.  Often, it would end up as a half paved parking lot and the general manager asking “Gee, what happened?”

I would be surprised if this iBiquity scheme didn’t generate at least some interest in the HD radio holdouts. Has anybody heard anything else on this?

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5 comments to HD Radio equipment, on trade

  • I love their use of the word “upgrade” in describing this technology, LOL!

  • Paul: Haven’t read anything, yet, so it must be a huge success. This scheme sounds fraught with pitfalls, as stations would have to open their books to Greater Media. Supposedly, HD Radio stations already have to do that for iBiquity audits. There are also many other costs associated with “upgrading” to IBOC. Struble’s never ending bag of tricks.

  • Paul Thurst

    I’m expecting any day to see a press release touting the success of the program. Something like “HD radio installations have increased by 9 million percent! Radio stations are rushing to install the new great technology! But wait! There is more! If you act now, we’ll throw in this set of ginzu knives! This is a limited time offer.”

  • I remember reading in Radio World last year that HD radio made their list as one of their 12 top technological flops.
    Its a technology that is going nowhere s-l-o-w-l-y. There is a New Jersey Law Firm that is looking into weather HD radio is violating consumer protection laws, based on its advertised claims. If Ibiqity is sued and loses it means TRIPLE damages under New Jersey.It should be interesting to watch.

  • Paul Thurst

    We will have to see how far Bartels gets with the fishing expedition, who knows, there is some meat there and they may indeed land a big one.

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