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The Creature from Columbia, Maryland

Bob Savage hits the nail directly on the head, it is time to kill it.  If you have time, read some of the attachments in the sidebar.

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3 comments to The Creature from Columbia, Maryland

  • That “creature from Columbia, MD” also has its tentacles in Basking Ridge, NJ (often wondered who’s up there) and Auburn Hills, MI (we know who’s there). Both the “HD Radio” and “IBOC” monikers are symbolically dishonest. That “creature” is hungry, but broke, awaiting the next round of financing which should be soon, as the latest one was almost a year ago. This creature has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and will probably linger for years, even on AM.

  • admin

    Greg, I think Basking Ridge is near Murray Hill, where the former bell labs, now Lucent is headquartered. As I recall, USADR was a part of Bell Labs before it became independent. Anyway, I can see FM IBOC sticking around a little longer, AM IBOC just needs a few more coffin nails and it’s done. But don’t ask Baghdad Bob Struble, he’ll tell you the infidels are burning in there tanks…

  • J. Aegerter

    Many of these “creatures” are products of globalism and the hair-brained ideas that somehow the American Way was just too uniquely American! We just have to be like the rest of the world, which in my opinion is sub-standard. We have had many European companies come over here and many have goofed things up badly and then retreated back to their homeland leaving a big mess. Examples are L.M. Ericsson (Sweden) buying the GE Mobile Radio Division in Lynchburg, VA. Another is Daimler (Germany) who would make Walter Chrysler turn over in his grave. It won’t be long with Fiat (Italian) either, which a few years ago had the world’s worst cars. And how about the French Thomson CSF (now Thales) getting a hold of RCA consumer products and trashing it. The once great Bell Labs that designed the best telephone system in the world and associated Lucent Technologies are now part of another French company called Alcatel. ISO9000 and other global standards have again cut into the quality of American manufacturing and distribution by cumulatively destroying it. And, the Metric System is another real pet peeve of mine. Thanks to Carter back in ’79, we nearly spent millions to replace all of the speed-limit signs on interstate highways with 83 km/h signs. It took a rugged individualist (Ronald Reagan) to put the kabosh on this stupid plan. It always appears to be “a change for the sake of change”, rather than real engineering improvement. DTV, and IBOC have suckered American broadcasters to spend huge amounts of capital with little return and have sped up the plan for America to go out of business. They will get what they deserve!

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