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Somewhere in Utah, a phone company is missing it’s microwave site…

I followed this a link to this site called “” and saw this article about what looks to be a former ATT microwave relay site in Utah turned into a residence.  The site is much smaller than the former ATT site in Kingston that I profiled in this post.   Still, that is a Western Electric tower and those are KS-15676 antennas.

Former ATT microwave site turned into a residence

Former ATT microwave site turned into a residence

If I were that guy, I’d take those antennas down a scrap them.  Looks like the wave guides are already gone.  I might have tried to put some windows in while I was renovating it.  It would drive me crazy to live in a house without any windows.  I guess if one where waiting for the big one, windows might not be a desired feature of a survival bunker.

I wouldn’t really call it a “communications bunker” though.  I’ve been in communications bunkers, they are mostly underground and are much more robust than that building.  Still, it is built better than an ordinary commercial building or a regular house.   It would take a special person to live out in the middle of nowhere like that.


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