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How stupid do you have to be?

I read through the news coverage of the vandalism at the KRKO transmitter site.  Apparently there is some group of idiots people running around insisting that radio towers are bad for the environment and people’s health.  These are the same ones who have torched SUV’s and burned high end housing developments down.  Naturally, no pollution is released into the environment during these acts, else they would be hypocrites.

They make these claims with no merit or scientific basis, instead relying on base fears to make people go crazy, either temporarily or permanent like.  It is actually a pretty good motivator as both political parties and all sorts of fringe truthier, birthier, and others have discovered.  If enough people insist that it is true, than it must be so.

Unfortunately there is always some idiot around who thinks it is his or her duty to take action, to protect the rest of us from some terrible fate.

In the meantime, some security cameras at the transmitter site might be a good investment.  Chances are, these Earth Liberators that sneak around with bolt cutters and hack saws will likely think twice if there is any chance of themselves going to jail.

By the way, those KRKO towers looked like self supporters which would have been very difficult to get down.  Did they rent that excavator, or was that some construction equipment left unattended?

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  • J. Aegerter

    I believe the Caterpillar excavator was left nearby doing some other work. Much of this machinery uses the same Chicago Lock Co. CH751 keys which are everywhere and provide almost zero security. The story I heard was that the “idiots” climbed into the machine and proceeded to crash into the tower. The west coast has had a reputation for this mindset, especially Seattle, Portland, and much of “Kally-fornia”! The answer is unfortunately to install security cameras everywhere. I personally like D-Link IP cameras. They are excellent little low cost units that work extremely well. We have employed them almost everywhere, from reading electric meters, checking transmitter sites inside and out, reading thermometers, and general viewing. A high-speed IP connection is all that is needed, and boom; it is like being there! Server software is easily available to capture motion and record events that can lead to criminal prosecution.

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